Last modified on 28.02.2003

The J-RAM Project


UML diagrams updated   alberik - 2003-02-28 13:23   -   J-RAM
Today the UML diagram sectioon on the project's home page has been updated with three class diagram's (which are though still incomplete).

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Description of the instruction set   alberik - 2003-02-25 09:05   -   J-RAM
Documents describing J-RAM's instruction set have been realeased today (the instruction set is based on the book 'Grundlegende Algorithmen' by Voker Heun).
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The J-RAM project has the aim to develop a random access machine in Java. A random access machine (RAM) is a tool in the theory of computer science to analyse algorithms according to their running time. Therefore the algorithm is considered to be a RAM program and the number of computational steps the program takes for a certain input is then the running time of this algorithm.

UML Diagrams

For this project ArgoUML will be used to develop the J-RAM with the help of the Unified Modelling Language (UML).

Class diagram of the RAM's structure

Class diagram of the register hierarchy

Class diagram of program and instruction (incomplete)


All documentation is handled via the Sourceforge Document Manager for the J-RAM project which is available by For now the following documentation is available:


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